Utopia (Series of self portraits)

There seems to be more awareness today around gender and equality, however we are still inundated with images of sexualised women and the ‘feminine’ ideal. The media are still being ruled by the male gaze and dominated by the heteronormative fantasy. With the series Utopia, I am exploring the idea that longing for gender equality can be seen as ‘just’ a feminist Utopian fantasy and at the same time I am really questioning should it be? With the series Utopia, I am exploring this ‘feminine’ ideal and the distortion that results from it. It also explores the seeking for an inner feminine power. I am channeling my own lived experiences of being female (growing up in a Christian patriarchal society), my relationship with my body and my journey through healing the feminine within as creative energy for the making of these images. Somehow, through all that has been projected onto the feminine, and all the abuse she had to and has to endure, she remains fierce but many still fear that power.