Feminine Boys

My work mostly deals with what it means to be female. Exploring the feminine aspect of our psyche in particular. With the series “Feminine boys” I became curious about how the feminine manifests in boys and men. How much of a feminine expression in boys/men is acceptable in society, and how does this reflect on the feminine as an archetype. When a woman is pregnant, there is so much emphasis on the babies’ expected gender. It is evident when you notice all the gender reveal videos and photos on social media. People still hold onto a stereotypical way of thinking about gender, especially in my country. I wish to highlight the pain and frustration that boys/men feel who are more in touch with their feminine side, regardless of their sexuality. More often than not they are being shamed for it. Being a mother of a boy, I think it is so important that we teach our boys to embrace their sensitivity, nurturing and feminine sides and to be proud of it.