Stefanie studied communication design, fine art and photography at The Open Window School of Visual Communication, Pretoria (1999 – 2001). With a special interest in photography, she furthered her studies at the National College of Photography in Pretoria, where she graduated with a joined best portfolio award in 2004.

After her studies she started a commercial photography studio, and was represented by Shine Photographers Johannesburg, (2004 – 2007).

In 2008, Stefanie moved to the UK where she studied for a diploma in Transpersonal Psychotherapy at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education in London for five years, 2009 – 2013. This experience of in depth enquiry into the human psyche (and soul) greatly informs her work as a fine art photographer.

Stefanie is an associated artist with the Dead Bunny Society

Stefanie is represented by DF Contemporary Gallery, Cape Town.


Artist Statement

I am interested in exploring different ways in which the female body can be represented visually. My work challenges the viewer to question traditional boundaries (concerning the body, the self, social norms and objectification) and defy easy definition of female identity. Through making these photographs I challenge women (and myself) to take hold of their femaleness and their own bodies, to allow for a more authentic expression, whatever that may be.

When taking self portraits, I make use of a self timer and have very little time to “think” when composing the photograph. The experience of making these self portraits are incredibly intense, both physically and psychologically, and often brings me in touch with something quite transcendent.

When working with other woman I would be drawn to a person that speaks to me intuitively. She generally conveys an essence of an idea that I would have started to formulate. None of the women I photograph are professional models, and most have never been photographed professionally before. Essentially for me it is about tapping into something creative within her, drawing that expression out of her. It is entering into a relationship with the person being photographed, and creating a creative and therapeutic space to allow for a deeper feeling level to be expressed.

I often feel as though I enter into a timelessness when I am photographing. I become present in the moment and witness how feeling convey itself through imagery in front of my eyes. It is akin to the experience of dreaming.