In a male-centric art world Stefanie Langenhoven’s photography stems from her day-to-day, lived experiences, with the concept of womanhood at the core of her work. The way she represents the female body is unpolished and non-confining, challenging the patriarchy’s traditional feminine fantasy. “It’s really about taking hold of our own femaleness, and not having to fit into a ‘man’s world’ by either submitting to men or becoming more like men,” Stefanie explains. “My images express the internalisation of objectification and distorted idealisation of the female body,” says the artist, whose work deals with her personal journey around self and body acceptance. “It is very personal, but I feel that many woman can relate to this.”

“I became curious about how self image, body image and perceptions of the feminine self becomes distorted through what is being mirrored to us in a society that is so obsessed with the female image. I am hoping to touch on the intangible and allow the imagination to find space to not just see and be fed an image, idea or belief but be drawn into, feel and discover something more meaningful.”

Stefanie has been a full time artist since 2015, and participated in a number of exhibition in galleries around South Africa. Stefanie is being represented by DF Contemporary Gallery Cape Town, and she is also an associated artist with the Dead Bunny Society, JHB South Africa.